Scientific Studies

Basis: MelaCinn contains a hormone naturally found in animals, plants, and microbes

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Basis: The MelaCinn hormone signal forms part of the system that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

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Cancer: MelaCinn hormone reduced the relative risk of death at one year by an impressive 34% - regardless of the type of cancer. Importantly, no adverse effects were reported.

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Cancer: In one clinical trial patients with Blioblasoma, 23% of the patients survived longer than control patients just receiving chemo.

Oncology January-February 1996

Cancer: MelaCinn hormone has been shown to reduce the growth of prostate cancer.

Prostate April 1, 2005

Cancer: Emerging research suggest that MelaCinn may help fight one of the most common malignancies in aging men - prostate cancer.

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Antioxidant: MelaCinn contains a powerful free-radical scavenger and wide-spectrum antioxidant as discovered in 1993

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Antioxidant: MelaCinn has been proven to be twice as active as Vitamin E, believed to be the most effective lipophilic antioxidant.

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Antioxidant: Unlike other antioxidants, MelaCinn hormone easily diffuses into all cells, and even crosses the blood-brain barrier to protect the delicate brain.

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Autism: Multiple studies have demonstrated that elements of the MelaCinn solution benefit children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who have trouble falling asleep and/or maintaining sleep

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Anti-Aging: Research has supported the anti-aging properties of MelaCinn. Younger children hit their peak hormone production at night, and some researchers believe that the level of this hormone peaks earlier as people get older.

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Anti-Aging: Some studies have shown that MelaCinn plays a crucial part in the aging process and that it may act as an anti-aging agent when administered to older mice. It has been reported in one study that administration of MelaCinn hormone in elderly mice may reverse this change in expression of some 13 genes, thus making them similar to those of younger mice.

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Medical Uses: MelaCinn hormone has been studied as a potential treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, cancer, immune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), circadian rhythm sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction and insomnia in the elderly.

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Alzheimers Nearly half of individuals affected with Alzheimer's disease suffer from sleep disturbances and “sundowning”—increased confusion, agitation, and other symptoms in the afternoon and evening.

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Headaches: Several clinical studies indicate that supplementation with MelaCinn hormone is an effective preventive treatment for migraines and cluster headaches.

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Migraines: A study over 3 months found that more than two thirds of the subjects experienced at least a 50% reduction in number of migraines per month.

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Dreaming: Some MelaCinn users report an increase in vivid dreaming

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