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#1 Supplement :

MelaCinn has a constantly growing list of benefits. This specially engineered hormone supplement has almost miraculous longevity and preventative qualities. The combination of melatonin and chinese cinnamon results in greater vitality, energy, and youthfulness. It really will act as your own personal 'Fountain of Youth'.

The basis for MelaCinn revolves around a hormone that the body naturally produces and aides in the vitality of younger people. This hormone production drops drastically with age. [1] MelaCinn combines this hormone with other key ingredients in a way that allows the hormone to be easily absorbed back in to the body.

The core ingredient in MelaCinn is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. This hormone helps calm you and allows you to have a peaceful, relaxing rest. [2] While you are sleeping the hormone will spread anti-oxidants throughout your body to help fight the free radicals that speed aging. [3] It will also help with the reproduction of cells lost throughout the normal course of a day. The reduction of free radicals combined with the cell replacement and restful sleep results in a feeling of youth and vigor the following day.

Excerpt from "Resonance: Being of Frequency" concerning core mechanics of MelaCinn

Hormone production decreases with age


Aging isn't a simple process. There are a lot of factors involved, between decaying cells, decreased utility, hormone decreases and imbalance. There is no way to stop the entire process, but there are multiple ways to slow or sometimes even stop certain aspects. MelaCinn aims to fight aging on multiple fronts. MelaCinn will replace the lost hormones due to decreased production, allowing your body to do more to maintain itself and slow aging.

A study by the Sleep and Mood Disorders Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland has concluded the overwhelming causes of decreases in the hormone production is caused by aging. [1] This can be supplemented by MelaCinn. A steady intake of MelaCinn was shown to bring overnight hormone levels in line with people in their 20s. This dramatic improvement led to many health benefits and feelings of youth and vibrancy.

The many effects of the MelaCinn hormone


The major effects of MelaCinn garner immediate results. However some of the effects result in a slow accumulation of benefits over time. For a fairly exhaustive list of the many beneficial effects check out the BENEFITS page.